Bulk Grease Totes

Bulk Grease Totes

Any user of eight or more drums of  single type of grease or other liquid product will realize considerable cost savings with the use of WW Engineering storage grease totes.

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Grease Tote Sizing Chart
Grease Tote Sizing Chart
  • Reduce the costs: multiple drum storage (cleaning, transporting etc.) eliminated with bulk handling
  • Waste reduction: recover the 5-10% per drum loss of grease product
  • Avoid contamination: during transfer of grease pumps between drums
  • Improved operational efficiency: Storage tanks will use a minimum footprint and increase portability.

Storage totes result in better housekeeping and reduces downtime for your valuable lubrication products.

We offer multiple pumping options and supply a durable package that will keep you profitable.

Additional features:

  • Coupler adapters: For bulk fill from lubricant provides
  • Manway access: various sizes and construction
  • Fluid gauges: heavy duty assemblies for clear level indication
  • Product warming: for cold climate storage & improved pumping
  • Inset Pump Housing: for recessed pump placement
  • Double Walled Containment: Unique feature for added protection


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