Fresh Oil

We offer a diverse set of options for pump and dispense packages to fit your budget.  Packages include medium pressure hose rated between 2000-3000 psi with hydraulic crimp fittings to ensure reliable connections.

Below are examples of standalone packages that can be part of any fresh oil system.  While we offer our standard kits, we can outfit your system with your preferred vendor.

Air Piston Pumps

We offer a full range of pumps from various vendors.  We recommend 5:1 air pumps to pump in cooler climates or when trying to push through 50 feet of hose.  3:1 air pumps are reliable for warm climates.  Our kits include thermal relief to protect the system under thermal expansion in warm climate.  We recommend pairing each pump with its own air regulator and auto drain for better pump control and protection.


Reliable hose management starts with a sturdy hose reel that can store hose lengths up to 100 feet.  We recommend using 1/2 inch hose diameters for oils for better flow performance.  We compact reels for installation in tight spaces as well as dual pedestal reels for heavy duty usage.

Dispense Guns

A sturdy control valve is critical to the entire system.  We have metered dispense guns to help track fluid delivery as well as a full line of preset dispense guns to set an auto shut off quantity.  We can supply mechanical or digital versions to suit your needs as well as gun holders for easy access.

Cold Weather

Warm up your fresh oil to avoid trying to force cold oil through your system.  We stock a full range of solutions typically as tank accessories to provide heat through electric, forced air or radiator system methods.

Remote Fill

Provide fill ports from a more convenient point in your system than at the storage tank.  We can provide quick connect fittings that are compatible to your specific system or with industry standards.