Whether high volume bulk transfer or service dispense, we have a reliable pumping package for your needs.  We offer shovel type air pumps for installation in drum kits or our ST-R tanks.  We offer competitive pricing on RAM packages also.

Grease Seal Kits

These kits are a must have for tank installations.  We provide a special grease seal threaded fitting to match pump sleeves with a gate valve to help easy maintenance and installations.

Air Pumps

We have a wide selection of 50:1 and 75:1 ratio pumps for grease that can matched with components for pails or drums.  We include air filter and regulator kits to provide a reliable air supply.

Hose Reels

Our high pressure reels are built to safely deliver the grease to the final dispense point in a clean package.  We always recommend 3/8 inch high pressure hose for improved flow performance.

Dispense Guns

We include heavy duty grease guns to control dispense rates.  Reliable Z-swivel options are available.


We can include provisions for heating into your steel totes as well as provide you with blanket heaters for drums.   Whether you have a steam system, electrical system or radiator system- we can connect to it to provide adequate heat to improve flow while not compromising your grease.

Float Gauges

Our rugged float gauges can be installed on steel totes to provide accurate level indication without expensive acoustic or optical sensor packages.