Mobile Lube Tanks

Convert your truck into a fully operational single point of service for your fleet and equipment.  You decide what is most important for your truck space and we can provide a reliable tank package.  Our pumping packages provide all the necessary equipment to save time on installation to get you mobile service operational in a very short time. Select from our most popular lube tank sizes to guide your package design.

Features on Mobile Tanks

All our tanks feature double sided leak tight welds that are tested at 3-5 psi before leaving the factory.  We provide forged flanges for NPT threaded connections for all connections.  Lube tanks are fully baffled to dissipate internal sloshing forces.  Tank compartments share walls to reduce weight for efficiency in size and weight where possible.  We offer these tanks in 10 Ga. steel and can fabricate larger tanks from heavy 7 Ga.  Small tanks can be fabricated using 12 Ga. or 1/8″ Aluminum.  We offer stainless steel options to accommodate corrosive fluids.

Lube Tank Sizing

  1. Tank outer dimensions (O.D.) are given for actual tank body and any mounting provisions and accessories will add to these dimensions.
  2. Over all (O.A.) dimensions for part numbers take into account max clearances required.
  3. We work with you to provide the necessary clearances and connection points in the least obtrusive locations.

Mobile Tank Types

  1. Service Body Tanks are typically sized under 48-54 inches width to slip into most cargo bodies.  We can convert most of these to portable lube skids by installing forklift access.
  2. Platform Tanks are typically compartmentalized into a long block up to 90 inches in width.
  3. Van body style tanks differ from single product tanks as they share a similar profile to flank the truck walls with a clear aisle in the middle.


Service Body Tank Sizes


Small tanks

Easy to fit sizes typically for single fluid transfer.  These tanks can be compartmentalized to hold two or more fluids into very compact packages.

CapacityLength (A)Width (B)Height (C)Model
40 gal.40 in.18 in.15 in.FT-40
46 in.12 in.18 in.
50 gal.34 in.15 in.25 in.FT-50
45 in.17 in.17 in.
48 in.12 in.22 in.
48 in.22 in.12 in.
52 gal.26 in.18 in.26 in.FT-52
55 gal.46 in.15 in.20 in.FT-55
48 in.10 in.28 in.
60 gal.30 in.17 in.30 in.FT-60
31 in.21 in.23 in.
46 in.14 in.24 in.
80 gal.43 in.22 in.22 in.FT-80
46 in.22 in.19 in.
48 in.18 in.24 in.
90 gal.30 in.30 in.24 in.FT-90
48 in.16 in.30 in.


Medium tanks

These popular tank sizes are easy to split up for several liquids.  We usually divide the tank along the length but we can split them along the more narrow width as well.  Mobile packages typically include (2) fresh oil systems and a used oil salvage package.

CapacityLength (A)Width (B)Height (C)Model
100 gal.36 in.20 in.34 in.FT-100
40 in.20 in.30 in.
45 in.24 in.24 in.
110 gal.30 in.30 in.30 in.FT-110
45 in.20 in.30 in.
48 in.19 in.30 in.
120 gal.40 in.40 in.20 in.FT-120
46 in.34 in.19 in.
48 in.20 in.30 in.
48 in.32 in.20 in.
135 gal.46 in.34 in.21 in.FT-135
48 in.19 in.36 in.
150 gal.46 in.30 in.26 in.FT-150
48 in.22 in.36 in.


Large Tanks

High capacity tanks offer more flexibility in terms of splitting up your fluids.  We always recommend using a rear compartment for a salvage oil compartment.

CapacityLength (A)Width (B)Height (C)Model
160 gal.40 in.28 in.36 in.FT-160
46 in.32 in.27 in.
48 in.23 in.36 in.
165 gal.44 in.44 in.21 in.FT-165
48 in.24 in.36 in.
180 gal.48 in.40 in.23 in.FT-180
46 in.32 in.30 in.
200 gal.46 in.30 in.36 in.FT-200
48 in.29 in.36 in.
48 in.42 in.24 in.
220 gal.46 in.36 in.32 in.FT-220
250 gal.48 in.42 in.30 in.FT-250
300 gal.48 in.50 in.30 in.FT-300
48 in.58 in.28 in.
400 gal.44 in.62 in.36 in.FT-400
48 in.42 in.48 in.


Wide Body Tanks

Larger trucks can offer a larger cargo bed and we can help you use that space more efficiently.

CapacityLength (A)Width (B)Height (C)Model
100 gal.50 in.17 in.29 in.FT-100
200 gal.50 in.28 in.36 in.FT-200
300 gal.50 in.48 in.30 in.FT-300
54 in.48 in.28 in.
57 in.47 in.27 in.
400 gal.50 in.54 in.36 in.FT-400
54 in.56 in.32 in.
490 gal.50 in.74 in.32 in.FT-490

  High Cap Tanks

Platform Tank Sizes


Van Body Tank Sizes

Mobile bulk transfer is made possible with dedicated product tanks.  Set up your truck as a mobile service station and organize your fluids for easy access.




WW Engineering specializes in bed space efficiency and build reliable systems with robust features that our competitors tend to exclude.  Put our experience to work for you in every service unit you put on the road.