Used Oil

Oil recovery is critical to every oil change and eliminates spillage and contamination.  Ditch the pail and pour method and implement an oil salvage program into your service fleet.  We have stand alone packages as well as include them in all our comprehensive lube packages.

Evac Pump

Our standard system includes an air operated double diaphragm pump (AODD) that is coupled with a 4-way reversing valve to facilitate flow reversal.  We provide Y-strainers with every package to reduce large particles from entering the system. A dedicated air filter and regulator is included for full control of the diaphragm pump.

Hydraulic Hose

Our systems always include R4 hydraulic hose with crimped fittings with threaded connections.  Our low pressure systems use the highest quality components for a durable system that will not fail.

Evacuation Reel

Our baseline system can pull suction from 25 feet of 3/4 inch hose.  We provide an assortment of reels to manage these hose lengths in compact packages.  We can provide packages with longer lengths of hose but typically recommend increasing the hose diameter and pump size.

Suction Fittings

Flow is controlled using ball valves and a wide variety of hardware options to provide full ported flow at the end points.  We can include quick connect fittings to match your drain pan fittings for a clean oil evac.

Auto Shut Off

Air supply cut off systems with tank sensor to prevent tank overfill.