Lube Skids

Our standard tanks are modified for skid with forklift access channels.  Lube Skids offer the flexibility to convert your service body into a full maintenance truck or on-site drop off for extended field use.  We offer units with on board air compressors as well as different pump and dispense options.

Popular Lube Skid Sizes


Standard workhorse with compressor mount & 25 feet of hose.  120 total gallons that include (2) 40 gal fresh oil compartments and a 40 gal used oil with salvage system.  This unit fits anywhere with 40 inch total width.

Model LS-120-3-C Skid
Model LS-120-3-C Skid


Our skid units to fit your needs and your PM requirements.  Our wide range of options have been field proven to give you the longest service life and provide you with the performance you deserve.