Mechanics Lube Tanks

These high capacity tank blocks require a heavy chassis that can handle the fluid weights. A class 4 truck can handle the smaller tank range.  300 gallons of oil can  add about 2200 lbs. of weight to your truck.  With all that liquid trying to slosh around, you can’t go wrong with a well designed steel tank.  These are some typical high capacity tank configurations.


Compartment lube tank with (5) fresh oil and one used oil system. Fresh oil products are heated and use front mounted 5:1 air pumps. The Used oil evacuation system is located on a remote drip pan for easy access. This tank is fully baffled to dissipate internal sloshing forces. This lube tank fits 50 inch wide cargo beds and requires about 100 inches of install length.  The total height with fittings is about 45 inches.

Model S-750-6 Lube Tank
Model: S-750-6 Lube Tank